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AQUA PAD by Project Innovations Inc.


In addition to our more traditional playground surfacing, Project Innovations Inc. is proud to install rubber surfacing for pools & spray parks. Manufactured by PII, our rubber surfacing provides a safe and comfortable area for your family to enjoy, and is extremely durable and long-lasting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is PII AQUA PAD used for?
A. PII AQUA PAD provides a durable, beautiful, soft safety surface over virtually any substrate such as concrete, tile, cool deck and a lot more. It is ideal for pool decks, splash pads, patios, walkways & more.

Q.What is PII AQUA PAD made of and how is it applied?
A. PII AQUA PAD is comprised of the highest quality TPV Rubber mixed with a specially formulated aliphatic polyurethane and is hand trowelled onto virtually any substrate to create a non-slip seamless safe surface. PII AQUA PAD  can be applied at any thickness depending on the substrate or purpose, but for most applications  PII AQUA PAD is installed at a half inch thick to provide a durable non-slip comfortable surface to walk on.

Q. How durable is PII AQUA PAD?
A. PII AQUA PAD is virtually indestructible. Weather conditions such as freeze and thaw, humid verses dry or extreme hot and cold climates will not change the properties of PII AQUA PAD

Q. How does PII AQUA PAD compare to other surfacing products?
A. PII AQUA PAD is flexible The nature of PII AQUA PAD rubber and PII AQUA PAD specially formulated urethane allows for movement in the surface without causing cracking, peeling or flaking. Temperature changes can create movement and cause cracking, peeling or flaking of most surfacing products. PII AQUA PAD simply flexes, leaving no adverse effects.

Q. How will the finished product look?
A. PII AQUA PAD not only offers a safe, softer, non-skid surface, but also creates a beautiful decorative seamless surface. With all of the color combinations available, Project Innovations Inc. can create custom borders, designs, and even logos to create an individual custom look for you.

Q. How does the surface wear?
A. PII AQUA PAD although soft to the touch is a very durable, hardwearing surface. The easiest comparison is to think of the tires on your vehicle. These rubber tires not only hold several tons of weight and pressure, but can withstand extreme temperatures from the hot summer days on asphalt to the cold icy conditions of winter.

Aqua Pad Colors:

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